Med-Tech/Clinical Trials 

The (para-) Medical Area and Clinical Research

Training and Professional Experience

1991-1994   Graduated in Medical Technology (Med-Tech)
Medical Technical High School, CH-Locarno TI
1994-2007   Professional activity as Senior Graduated Med-Tech, CH-Zurich ZH
Polyvalent laboratory, transfusion medicine, parasitology
1995-2001   Training Officer for Trainees at Professional Institute, Exams Expert
Med-Tech Professional Institute, CH-Zurich ZH
2012-2013   Med-Technician, Responsible for Quality Assessment for medical laboratories
Swiss Quality Control Centre, CH-Chêne-Bourg GE
2014-2016   CAS in CRC (Clinical Research Coordinator), Ethic's Evaluation, GCP certificate
CHUV, CH-Lausanne VD and TRREE (Ethics and Regulation of Health Research)
2014-2019   Professional activity as CRC (40-60%)
CHUV, University Hospital of the Canton de Vaud, Outpatient Psychiatric Addiction Service & private practice, CH-Lausanne VD
  • Paramedical, administrative and scientific activity
  • Managment, creation and validation of clinical trial documents, follow-up visits for substance users suffering from HIV and HCV
  • Preparation and supply of documents for monitoring visits
  • Ethics' submissions of clinical trials

Life-long Training (in Medicine and Research)

2014-2016   Software SPSS (Statistics)

GCP/ICH Training Modules and Ethics Certificate for Research

Public Health Research-Certificate and Switzerland Certificate (Swiss National Supplement)

Since 1991   Seminars and Modules. Areas: Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Addiction, Transfusion Medicine, Parasitology, Basic Health Care, Emergency, etc.
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