Terminology Support 

Terminology Support and Training for Translators

Why this offer is important


In medical and scientific translation, a linguist needs to be an expert in medical know-how, with a particular focus on the specific subject the text deals with. Moreover, each sub-sector has its proper language and jargon, which are, of course, to be taken into account as well.

In addition, each translator should have the capacity to use a coherent and elegant linguistic style —  Though medicine is not literature, a pleasant writing helps in any case to support the clarity and correctness of the content.

During my long years’ professional practice as a reviewer of medical and medico-scientific translations, I have come across a large amount of medical contents which were either stylistically well-written but had terminological weaknesses (wrong or non-contextual terminology), or, on the contrary, used a correct jargon but showed stylistic and linguistic deficiencies (making the content difficult to understand).

That helped me notice that there is a real requirement for a training on these areas.

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